We are a healthy, gimmick free community committed to supporting you versus you.

PT Fitness is a community of women and men who are committed to embracing your Heart (why), developing your Focus (strategy), and celebrating your Power (accomplishment).

We believe that fitness should be fun, nutrition should be delicious, and the best you can be is healthy.

Our mission statement: Develop positive lives.

Heart is my driving force.


Our strategy: Heart | Focus | Power


Power is my accomplishment.

See Why Our Clients Love Us. 

Discovering PT Fitness is one of the best things that has happened to me. Ever. The workouts are fun, at your own pace (AND they never get easier…), and the people I get to work out with every day are incredibly supportive and just awesome new friends/workout buddies. There is something addicting about this place, and everyone that tries it understands." - Sharon C.

“ I could not have met and have been inspired by a better group of people.  Thank you for always having my best interest.  Thank you for always being honest with me and never suggesting fad diets or trends. In addition to consistently monitoring my form and suggesting modifications to prevent injuries.  Thank you because you will never know how much stronger I feel mentally and physically from what everyone has taught me." - Bricia A.

“I absolutely LOVE this class, the instructor and participants. Each person is encouraged to participate at their own pace. I highly recommend this fun and energetic class to anyone who is wanting to get healthy again!” - Elida F.


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