Release Vinyasa

Instructor : Sonalie Barr

November 2nd | 6:30pm


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Location: PT Fitness 2911 Race St. Fort Worth, TX 76111

Yoga Series: Release

Join us for a three-part Release Vinyasa yoga series. In this series we will focus on releasing stored energy in the body.

November 2, 2021: Shoulders

In this class we'll open and stretch our shoulders, and give attention to this common area where tension is held.

November 9, 2021: Spine

We'll focus on spine extension and flexion, as well as deep twists in this class to improve spine health and find energetic alignment. 

November 16, 2021: Hips

In our final class we'll stretch and open our hips to release physical tightness and any stored emotional energy.

We hope you'll leave this series feeling lighter and more present. Can't wait to flow with you!

Please bring your own mat.

About Sonalie

Sonalie Barr is a fiery yet lighthearted teacher and student of yoga. Her focus is on the Vinyasa style, with contemplative themes woven throughout to guide students on a journey inward. Sonalie owns Bee9 Living with her husband in Fort Worth. Bee9 is a holistic wellness practice that offers private, group, and physical therapy informed yoga. Sonalie is currently pursuing a masters in Lifestyle Medicine at UNTHSC. She intends to incorporate the knowledge and tools she gains from her studies into her teaching and business.