Webinar Meal Planning Hacks

Presenter: Ron Green

Wellness Integrator

March 26 | 12:15pm

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Webinar: Meal Planning Hacks

Do you struggle to plan your weekly meals ?  Does meal planning sound like a dream for dreamers?  

We live in a society where figuring out what and where to eat is decided at the first sign of hunger. We hate left overs. We feel it's too time consuming to plan and prep. We don't know where to start even if we had the time.

This webinar will teach you simple hacks about meal planning, from what to think about to create a meal plan to meal prep, food storage and how to reheat meals.

We will speak with Ron Green, a Wellness Integrator, health coach and fitness expert.  Ron will give tips for developing practical meal plans so that you can maximize your time/effort, save money and reach your health goals!

About Ron.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me.  Even though I exercised and watched what I ate for most of my life, while working in the fast-paced restaurant industry, I still struggled with my weight. After exercising regularly every week for years I realized something was missing and keeping me from reaching my fitness goals. It seemed I had the Heart required to improved but lacked the Focus to help myself.  With this in mind, I chose to make a new investment.  I began working with a coach and it changed my life.  For the first time, I started reaching my fitness goals.

With renewed Focus, I became passionate about sharing my story with others. As friends and family began asking me for advice about improving their own health, I was inspired to get the education and training I would need to help them see these changes in their life.

My education gave me the Power to improve the lives of others, demonstrating to me the need for HeartFocus, and Power as the blueprint for my lifestyle and the basis for my Fitness System.